7 things to know about this blogger award’ nominee

Blogger Awards

Me. I am the nominee. A first for me, so I’m feeling a little peachy. I’ll prep my speech, you know, just in case.

But to proceed with the order of business, apparently, this is how this blog awards’ rules thing work:

Rule 1

Well, thank you so much shy Shanice of Faith n’ Turtles for the nomination, I appreciate it and you. I also secretly wish I was musically gifted, I suppose it’s a good thing I am not otherwise it would have been over for y’all. Please hop on over Shanice’s blog and read. She has amazing content.

Rule 2

  • I’m introverted

Contrary to popular belief, introversion isn’t exactly the same as being shy, I am not shy at all, In fact I am as cool as a cucumber with the human folk and I have an awful lot to say, I just loathe small talks. Say what you want Jimmy stop wasting my time, kind of thing. But my social battery can be equated to that of a 2-year-old smartphone. So, my introversion usually sends me home to recharge much sooner than some people might like.

  • Homebody

I suppose after learning that I’m introverted, you already saw this one coming. I love being alone, content in my own company, so being at home doesn’t bore me. Don’t get me wrong, I love adventures but sparingly and properly planned ones. Can’t just spring up these on me. Even though I tried to go all spontaneous this year. Plus, I have tons of series to watch and tons of books to read anyway.

  • I’m practically blind

I am so blind y’all, it pains me to have sexy eyes that are as useless as avocado bashers. Glasses suck and contacts are admin I have no patience for. You people with healthy eyes, drop your prayers, I beg. I swear when people wave at me from afar, I have to squint to make out the person behind the waving silhouette.

  • I hate phone calls

I watch my phone ring in silence and text back because for the life of Jesus, why do people call? Don’t know how to send a text or something? Unless you’re dying or have an emergency, I don’t see why people should call me. Makes me so anxious. Unless it’s a work related call, I don’t want it.

  • My dreams have expanded, thanks to travel

I used to think people who speak of travel and its impact were just elitist show offs until I experienced it myself. It opens up something in you, you never even knew existed. It literally changes your life and you get addicted to it. I’m hit with addiction.

  • Music, winter, food and wine = Happiness

This is my happiness combo. Music is life. It gives me life. It fuels me. Even when I was writing this article, Beyonce’s Homecoming Live Album was playing in the background. I love winter, it’s my favourite season, I come alive in winter. Food. Who doesn’t love food? Ever since I started eating rather healthier, I basically live in the kitchen. I love food so much. and food has to be accompanied, right? What better than a full bodied, strong, and crisp wine.

  • Black Lives Matter

I just love everything about us, from the way we talk, walk, laugh, move and how we are constantly reimagining, drawing and creating from our history of pain. We are diligent and revolutionary in ways beyond our imaginations. There’s power in us. And how we use that is truly a marvel. So, yes, Black Lives Matter. And I say this unapologetically.

Rule 3

Unfortunately, I don’t know that many bloggers yet, so I am breaking this third rule and going for the number I can pick from my head. Might add more as the week progresses. Meanwhile, give these ink connoisseurs a good read, you won’t regret it.  

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  • Shanice 🌼🐢🌼

    🌼 Great learning more about you! And O geesh I hate phone calls too ‼️