A letter from home

Image credit: Unsplash

Dear beloved Sim

I understand how busy you are, so I’ll be as concise as possible.

I know you’re constantly seeking me out to no success

Because there’s unbearable pain in you

Pain you’re hoping finding me will redress

Maybe it will indeed come to be someday

Maybe someday is sooner than you believe

Maybe it is further than you hope for

Maybe someday has already passed

Maybe you’re conflicted

Lost in a whirlwind of feelings

Feelings you’re yet to find words to explain

Feelings that move you to tears

And entangle you with many fears

Fears that paralyse every inch of you

Making you question everything you thought you knew

About yourself

About your journey

About the world you surround yourself with

But see, nothing in life is certain so carry on

You already know you won’t make it home unscathed

Let the scars be a symbol of conquering

Let them remind you that you’re a warrior

Warriors are known to be strong, confident and brave

Let this knowledge make you focus less on worrying

And more on picking yourself up and carrying

On with your journey

Even when you are afraid

Even when you feel numb

Even when you feel weak and vulnerable

Even when it’s all but darkness surrounding you

Even when you no longer feel like yourself

Even when you’re wallowing in aloneness

Carry on

Carry on because

You’ve already found me though I doesn’t feel much like it

You’ve found me for I live in the depths of you

Latched on deep within your veins

When you take a breath, I am with you

When you struggle to take a breath, I am still with you

My existence isn’t tied to only happy days

But also, the bad and the worst days

I am with you through it all