AfriK Jewellery is slowly tattooing its footprint into the industry


An accessories brand founded by two black young siblings is working to find it’s footing in the industry.

Merafe and Keloikantse Thaganyane- Saku toyed with the idea of starting up a business after losing a father and realising that their salaries were not enough to pay for all their living expenses.

The sisters are running the business part-time due to commitment to their respective careers. 26-year-old Merafe is in the media industry, while 24- year-old Keloikantse is in the retail industry.

“We were born and bred in Northern Cape’s small village called Cassel and we are the only two kids at home. While we were still in high school we lost our father who was the only breadwinner, after matric we both tried to go study but we were struggling financially. That is when we sat down and came up with the idea literally a month before we could actually start with the business.”

Reaching their “aha” moment during a play around with African materials, making earings, tiara and necklaces.

“We immediately called our mother to find out where tools for beadwork, that our father gifted her with a while back, were. In a week’s time we drove to Northern Cape to get the startup materials and that is how we made our first piece. It took us over a week to complete as we have never did any beadwork nor seen anyone doing it before.”

And AfriK Jewellery was born. Inspired by everything from the motherland especially the indigenous culture and trends.

Sourcing materials from around Africa and some countries in Asia. The accessories are mainly beads-based with cloths, wires, strings and leather used as added materials.



Having run for a little over a year, AfriK Jewelry founders are learning the ropes of business, learning about jewellery trends while also trying to stick to their fundamental African touch to everything that they do.

“We believe that we have done a lot and achieved the amazing goals we wanted to thus far.”

“It is challenging as any business, finances, time, labour (outsourcing) and making jewellery relevant to the current trends.but it is also fun, educative and growing.”

“Our most loved piece is AfriK Candy Neckpiece. It has a touch of Xitsonga and Venda colours. It is made from beads. We string beads on the thread, then wrap the string (with beads) on a thick polyester cloth.”