An ordinary dream life to live

Growing up, the only dream I had was leaving school having passed with good grades that will guarantee a job that would pay me so well. Well enough that my family and I would never have to ration our needs according to which need seems above all others.

But while financial stability is still at the core of it all, I’ve grown to see value in other things as well. Things like being part of things that matter. Things that actually foster change in any community I am part of.

So, essentially when I visualise my life, I see an ordinary life with three core elements; running empowerment projects, achieving peace, and travelling the world.

Running empowerment programs

Programs sounds a bit vague, right? But by strength vested in me, I’ll have the capacity to run programs tailored at empowering people of colour who need empowering. And I mean that in every inclusive way possible.

This blog, I believe, marks the beginning of this dream for me because the vision behind it – is to ultimately inspire and empower womxn of colour. Whether it’s through the Boss Queen tab that highlights womxn who are killing it in their respective industries or in just the Health tab where they’ll have access to information about how to take care of their health etc.

In my mind empowerment programs can be anything that enriches a demographic by providing access to infoducation (information & education) and change to overall lifestyle.

Take Afrobloggers for example, it might seem a minuscule role to others but what Afrobloggers is doing essentially – is running an empowerment program that allows African bloggers around the world to connect and share lives.

So, yes, I want to be part of something that’s bigger than myself. Doing something that matters and will matter even when I am unable to do the work myself.

Achieving peace

Peace is a luxury and not everyone can afford it. The world can be really shitty, and people are constantly going through the worst experiences, myself included. In fact, I am learning each day to create peace within myself. That way, I will only project peace to the world.

Reality is, how we feel manifests deeply in the way in which we connect with others. If someone doesn’t have peace within themselves, it is almost impossible to transmit non-existent feelings towards others.

So, peace is a very important aspect of life, but it can be defined by different factors that make sense to each of us, according to our lifestyles. For me, peace is financial stability, taking self-care days without guilt, reading books written by people of colour, sharing and exchanging experiences, helping others, loving others, and travelling the world. Which brings me to my next point.


I’ve travelled internationally only once in my life, and I know I want to do more of that because it literally changed the way I view life. The way I view my life. The old cliché “the world is your oyster” rings true.

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