Do you have the same apps as I do on my phone?

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Hungry? There’s an app to deliver food right in your front door. Need to get somewhere without standing in long queues? There’s an app for that too. I’m sure you get where I am going with this, but for the sake of keeping things moving. Let me spell it out, we live in a time where there’s an app for everything.

And they have truly become a quintessential part of our lives. Each of us has installed apps that match our lifestyles. If you continue to read, below you’ll find a list of apps that have become a big part of my life and why that is so.

Uber & Bolt

I have both these apps for getting around the city. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but I use them alternately depending on the cost of where I need to go.


Music streaming app with tons of music and podcasts from across the globe. I can’t function much without music. It enhances my creativity.


This is an app for design. It’s ideal for people like me who really don’t have the talent for designing any type of artwork. They have thousands of available pre-designs that you can rework and customise.

Adobe scan

This app scans documents to PDFs. Working on the go has never been so easier.


Video and image editing app. I’m pretty sure there are premium apps that do this job but since I don’t really do much editing of videos and images, this works for me. It has a user-friendly interface and tools.

Google Analytics

For collecting data for my blog.


This is a language education app. You can select whatever language you want to learn and viola, class begins.

Health and My Tracker

These work alternately to track my fitness health and my cycle. These apps track my sleep patterns, weight, etc. They also remind me when to drink water, when my ovulation and periods are due.

Rain Sounds and Piano Sounds

These help to calm the clutter in my head before bed. They soothe me to sleep, especially on days when my anxiety flares up.

These are the apps that I use regularly apart from the popular social media apps. I also have other apps, such as shopping apps, travel-related apps such as, games, and so forth. But these above are the most important ones.

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