If I had money, my business would be…

An app. I would create an app. I am of the view that anything that the human mind can think, exists. This is how we can think of ideas and execute them. Whether we do this successfully or not is beside the point. Because of that, I’ve been sitting on a business idea I think would be an incredible game changer. Alas, money is always a problem.

So, if I had a few thousand euros, I would create an app. I won’t say what app nor what it does because I’m protecting my intellectual property, but I do think it makes business sense. Plus, it doesn’t stray away from my creative side.

Perhaps there is a loophole to be able to get a start on it without the long route of me saving for years. I suppose I should do more research on it and see where it takes me.

Because the truth is, this idea has been haunting me and I feel like I’ll wake up one of these days and find that someone has created it while I still lived in my head about it.

Procrastination is a killer of dreams and I wouldn’t want that for myself. Maybe a few months from now, I’ll come back with an update on what stage I am in with this business idea of mine. So do stay tuned.

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