Introduction to challenge


I am African but I don’t run on African time. I really am rarely ever late. I am the type of person to arrive at the airport four hours in advance because I don’t like any type of inconveniences. But now, I am late.

Late for this bloggers’ competition. The competition is days in, but I am yet to submit numero uno. But it doesn’t matter. Here I am. Pledging my commitment to ride this wave with everything I’ve got.

What is this competition about?
This competition is asking African bloggers across the globe to commit to writing 30 articles in 30 days. Yip, Afrobloggers run a tough writing fitness centre but I am prepared to do my burpees, one day at a time.

Why I accepted the challenge?
Because some days I can’t even gather up the strength to write even a sentence let alone a paragraph. And I’m a writer by profession so imagine how my life is tailored, having to write on a daily basis.

I accepted because writing is also my solitude. Particularly, writing for this blog. So, I think this challenge will challenge me to get out of my head about writing for the blog.

I also accepted because of the type of content expected to be churned out is very personal. I don’t really open up about myself much, I’ll share my first time experiences here and there but not regularly. It’s not an easy task for me. This challenge will force me to try. It will force me to become the best version of myself.

What I hope to achieve at the end of it?
The first goal is really to just write and publish stuff without going through a long process of mental vetting. Which usually derails publishing because I always wonder about the value of each article, wonder whether it’s adding any value to the community of people I’m writing for.

Secondly, I’d like to engage more with the people I write for. Engage more with other African bloggers. That way, I get to learn more about the tricks and trade of blogging.

Thirdly, did I mention engagement? I’d really love to hear back from people who read my blog. To hear what they think and whether the content is adding any value in their lives in any way.

In conclusion, I am promising to be committed and if I miss a day, I’m prepared to sweat to make up for it the next day. I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know me, and that you’ll engage with me.

Let’s drink to #day1 being done and dusted.

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