Is technology a curse or a blessing?


Whew, what a loaded question. There’s no right or wrong answer to this because technology is a complex phenomenon. The journey of technology spans over about 3 million years.

There are also different types of technologies. From mechanical to electronic, industrial and manufacturing to medical and assistive, transportation to energy power and more.

The versions of technology that relate to modern times dates back in the 1800s, with the inventions of photography, the telegraph, the telephone, electric lights, and the automobile. Then onto the 1900s with radio, airplane, television, computer etc.

Technology continues to improve and advance each year. I can’t clearly imagine a life without technology. Nor should I ever need to because although there are ills attached to it, there are also the enormous positives. But I can’t say the pros outweigh the cons, I can say it has made it easier to navigate life.

Without dragging this copy, I’ll say it is a blessing only when people use it for good and a curse when people use it to drive evil deeds. A simple example is the protagonists and villains in Marvel or DC movies.

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