This is why I started blogging

I had two failed blogs before Penned Pieces and that’s because I didn’t have the courage and strength that I now have. At least most days.

Initially, I just needed a platform to lay out my thoughts and it didn’t matter if I was the only one who would read the posts.

Ultimately, I started blogging for Penned Pieces because I needed to prove to myself that I have the ability to write despite being told and believing otherwise. I then gradually decided I wanted to nurture the writing skills I found I had, beyond the professional writing ground. I wanted the versatility of writing for two completely different platforms.

I also wanted to challenge myself to share a piece of myself that I keep hidden and buried between the pages of the many books I read.

And then I got fueled to blog by the lack of feel good and triumphant stories about African womxn of colour. I’m not anywhere near full-scale with my vision but where I am at the moment, is a start.

Blogging is an emotional journey, but it is also a necessary journey. This is why I am grateful for it because I am learning so much. I am growing and I’m hoping to play a small impact in changing lives.

Because the truth is, everything starts in the mind. If I believe I can do it, I do it and I excel in it.

I want womxn of colour to read my blog and believe that they can so that they can do it and excel in it. Whatever their “IT” is.

In the meantime, I continue the work.

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