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Good morning future leaders

Today, we’ll talk about the internet and blogging.
I can tell from your non-reaction that you’re highly intrigued. You’re also probably thinking what good is talking about something you use every day.

But the thing is the internet is more than just the apps and the games you have on your smartphones.

What is the internet and what does it do?

The internet is simply a computer system that provides information and communication. This is done through what is called network to network connection. Think of me as the internet and all of you as networks. If someone, (let’s call this someone Naledi) is searching for information, they use me, they type the information they’re looking for.

Then what I do is I ask all of you to work with each other to find and provide Naledi with answers. The internet makes it easier for us to find information.

The creation of the internet

How many of you use the internet for homework or school assignments? Exactly, all of you. The creation of the internet was a process. It wasn’t just perfect at one go.

It is a process that began around the 1960s with what was called the Aparnet at the time. There were changes and updates to help make it better each year. With these updates came other things that made finding information better such as email, ebooks etc.

But only important people like scientist and government people were able to use the internet. Then in 1991, the World Wide Web was created and now the internet became available to be used by everyone in the world. The world wide web stores information in a collection of pages called websites.

Think of the World Wide Web as a library, in a library you see different sections of books with different titles, such as biography, fiction etc. Websites are like the sections in the library. If you’re looking for a fiction book on the internet, the world wide web will give you a number of websites that have the information you’re looking for.

To be able to use the World Wide Web you have to use a web browser, a web browser is like an entrance door of the library. The first web browser to ever be created was the Internet Explorer, but now we also have the popular ones such as Safari, Opera, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

More internet inventions

After the World Wide Web, more things were invented such as Google, a search engine (think of it as the librarian helping you find the information you’re looking for much faster than you could have on your own), social media (MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many more).


On the other hand, blogging is like an online journal. There are many ways you can use blogging. Either as a diary that you use to share your life journey with people on the internet. Or you can use it to educate people about topics you’re interested in. Things like technology, fashion, food, cars, and more. If you like taking videos or photos, you can have a blog to share those as well, with little writing explaining what’s the in the photo or video and what made you take them.

Blogging can also be a full-time career for anyone who has a passion for it. But like any other job, it’s not easy, and it takes so much more to be successful in it.

Without the internet, there wouldn’t be any blog existing. I think we can talk more about blogging in our next class if you guys are interested in knowing more.

Well then class, if you have any more questions you can come to me straight after class. That will be all for now. Fill in the survey on your table and drop it on the box on your way out.

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