Would I do these three things without pay?

In my previous article, I rambled on about wanting to run empowerment programs, so I suppose, I have already given the first thing I’d do for no pay. But let’s give it a look again and the two other things.

Empowerment programs

I’d definitely do this for free because my drive for empowering others is not in any shape or form tied to how much money is attached to it. If I am able to empower someone and that changes their life for the better, that is enough reward for me. No matter how small my contribution or the change in their lives. I say this because I myself have been empowered by others to get to where I am today.

Every step is important and it’s a domino effect, I wouldn’t have gotten to this point of my life without the previous step, and the one before that.

Become a voice for the voiceless

This is for things like jury duty or acting as guardian to someone in need of one even on a temporary basis. Actively advocating for marginalised communities, through art or any tool and platform I have the capacity to handle. So, yes, a consistent voice for the voiceless. I needed an umbrella phrase for this because I don’t want to limit it to just one specific thing.

Wine and or coffee taster

I love wine and I love coffee. Anyone who knows me knows this. I would definitely be an unpaid taster of these two things.

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