A chance to become The Fixers of our own lives

Time is an illusion. It doesn’t exist. But I’ve said this before in my previous letter, so you already know. Again. To reiterate, everything behind the creation of the concept is comprehensible, it makes our lives a hell lot easier.

Considering that we follow the concept of time, it only makes sense to be grateful for anything that symbolises newness.

Society places so much pressure on our shoulders about a million things; ”shouldn’t you be at school Thembi, it’s exams?”, “When are you buying a car Jamie-Leigh, you’ve been working for two years now?”, “Lerato, when are you having a baby? The in-laws will start asking questions.”

These sound familiar? Everything has an expiry date, the minute you transition into adulthood, your clock starts ticking. It’s a lot. Each day starts to feel like a week, and a week, a month – and a month, a year.

And when the year finally ends, it provides hope, that you can start over, and set things right. We all need that type of release and assurance that we can actually fix things.

But in order to do that, we have to reflect on our journeys throughout the year and see where we went right, the positive surprises, everything that went wrong, reached goals and goals that didn’t see the light of day etc.

A quick list from me:

  • Fixed things Immediate family.
  • Made new friends.
  • Linked-up with old friends.
  • Traveled internationally.
  • Met a couple of my favourite Hollywood stars.
  • Didn’t reach the fitness goals.
  • Mental health fluctuated but I managed.
  • Gained multiple compliments for this blog.
  • Read a good number of books on my “must read” list.
  • Gained new skills.
  • Lost a job. One I was happy to lose, might I add. It was starting to feel like I was in Game of Thrones and I was Sansa Stark. Sorry, I geek out sometimes.
  • Cut my hair, etc. etc.

From there, we devise new plans for the new year, a.k.a, resolutions.

You wake up on January second (because the first doesn’t really count) and you say to yourself, “okay Sihle, you’re doing it this year, you really can, you got this. So, that Pilates class you’ve been joining since May, January is the new May. The honours that you’ve been postponing for the past two years? Now’s the time. That big project you’ve declined at work because you thought you couldn’t possibly do it? You can do more than just deliver the requirements, you’re the aromat, go season. The person, who just sent you yet another annoying “good morning, can I take you out text?” Give them a chance. Everyone is jetting off to Bali, go find out why.”

Content with the new plan, you start your day with a cup of coffee without sugar, two poached eggs, slices of bacon, fried Itallian tomatoes, cucumber, and cheese, because “eating healthy.”

Instagram it, as a flat-lay (aesthetics are important) because you’re also working on growing your following.

A new year is also a promise. A promise to yourself. A promise that you will become a better version of yourself. A promise that you will conquer your fears. A promise to allow yourself to channel your inner superpower, and climb Kilimanjaro.

Although, I will not under any circumstances be climbing Kilimanjaro this year, I am interested in finding out what this so called new year is bringing forth. I hope to be Sihle and realise my own goals, dreams and ambitions. More importantly, I hope to write content that you, not only enjoy but also learn from. I hope you read and share the link with your friends.

I also hope to collaborate more with like-minded individuals, groups and brands.

I hope you also become Sihle, that you carry her resilience and strength throughout the year. I hope you take better care of your mental health, physical health, and emotional health. I hope you receive your beauty & grooming needs. I hope you follow the right fashion trends and I hope you collect and spread support, care, love, and an abundance of happiness.

A toast to all things NEW.

Simamkele Matuntuta