Are you a wine snob?

Wine snob
Image credit: Unsplash

Am I?  And what is a wine snob anyway? A quick search on the internet indicates that it is someone who is an insufferable wine know-it-all.

The interweb also suggest that there are different types of wine snobs, from novice snob to moderate tolerable snob, sophisticated snob, and over-the-top snob. Let’s explore these further and assess whether I am and are you a snob.

A novice snob

This is a person who is new in the field of winery and has absolutely no clue about anything but pretends to be an expert, much to the annoyance of their friends.  

A tolerable snob

This is a step up from the novice snob, in that this person knows their wines. They know just the right wines to bring to a get together and can navigate their way around wine conversations.

A sophisticated snob

Described as a person who carries around a decanter everywhere. This person will judge you if you would use a red wine glass for a white wine. They have the audacity to call a restaurant to find out about the wines they have days in advance. Hectic!

An over-the-top snob

If the title doesn’t give it away, this person will not be able to stop themselves from arguing with a sommelier about the years a wine was allowed to mature or which grapes were used. They are able to detect any flavour that the opened bottle emits and will passionately argue if you dare pick up different notes from them. They will judge you for your taste in wine and will order for you if your taste is appalling. They will not have a champagne filled up all the way to the top nor will they have a red wine on a white wine glass because that’s just bizarre and you’re being weird for even doing this. How dare you!

How I became a wine loving human

A few years ago, when the universe thrust me into lifestyle journalism, I found myself doing the most fun and yet tricky part of the job called reviews. This is reviews for music, movies, fashion shows, fashion collections, events, hotels, restaurants, and wine estates, among many other things. Reviews simply mean I get the product, spend time with it and share my expert thoughts on it. In the case of hotels, wine estates and restaurants, I make a visit, assess the feel, the ambiance, the service, the food, and wine selection etc. Moreover, I get first hand experiences at wine launches, wine tasting and pairing events, harvesting season processes, as well as doing interviews with chefs, sommeliers, winemakers and so forth.

What I’m trying to say is, I got immersed into the wine industry and have learnt a great deal thus far. I’ve developed an understanding and a nose for picking up notes and quality. I think I know my wine. But because I’m playful and rebellious by nature, it’s hard to lock me in on the wine pairing rules and laws. If you find me sitting with a Chardonnay and a Rib-Eye Steak don’t roll your eyes. I eat and drink what I like.

So, not a snob then? I mean, I don’t walk around with a bottle of wine or a glass of wine in my trench coat. Nor do I care which type of wine is poured onto whatever type of glass. I question the state of mind of anyone who does any of these. Just thela s’phuze. The end.


I also don’t order wine for my friends at restaurants, I let them enjoy their wines how they see fit. But I am guilty of asking what notes they pick up. It’s all to see if we’re picking up the same flavours than it is about being snobbish.

I doubt my friends detest wine experiences with me and I intend to keep it that way.

So, no. not a snob. Just a wine enthusiast. What about you?