Beauty preparations and outfits for the premiere

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Having had a second hand experience from industry friends who have attended such events, I didn’t hold my breath for a cool red carpet photo. But I had hope and worked my beauty & style accordingly. I was attending a star-studded event after-all, an international one at that, I had to make sure my game was solid. I was going to make the best out of this trip, so my preparations had to match that thinking.

Nia Azuri

This salon, my second self-care home, made sure I looked the part. It’s a black-owned boutique salon, now neatly tucked in Kroomboom road, Rondebosch. It offers all beauty services, from manicure, pedicure, hair styling and facials.

They did my manicure and pedicure. They also did my braids, completing them with beads to provide an African aesthetic to my look.


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Red Carpet dress

My dress was a Sim original, brought to life by Rowena, a lovely seamstress from my neighbourhood. I designed my dress to make sure it shows my best features and added a print design to, again, showcase an African aesthetic to my look.

I had fun, going back and forth with her about what needs to go where and the result was incredible, particularly on my body.

Unfortunately, the nature of red carpet, is that they are as quick as a blink of an eye. Celebs walk in, pictures are taken, interviews done and boom, it’s over. I only managed to take a picture with Gabrielle Union, thanks to her publicist who saw it fit to take a quick one.

But I made sure to recreate my look (not completely, without shoes and the braids) and take a full image of myself in my dress. Did I mention, Gabby said she loved my whole look? A whole complement from Gabby?

I was living.

The After Party

I am generally a colourful person, but I toned down for a classy black look. Witchery fashion offered me a knitted jumpsuit from their summer collection which, at the time, had not made it to the stores yet, that means I was the first to wear this ensemble.

It sat on my body like it was designed on it. I kid you not, I was feeling myself.