Black-owned skincare brands to stock up from

Image credit: pixabay

Towards the latter part of the previous year, I reflected a lot on representation and what that means to me as a pro-Black person. I realised that I had gotten tired of consuming white-content in every sense of the word. 

As a result, I started being intentional about buying Black, particularly with services and products that are specific to my Blackness such as hair and skin. We’ve been struggling for a long time to find products and services perfectly tailored to our hair and skin types and tones. 

When the industry started to fall in line, the products and services became, and still is a hit and miss. So, it only makes sense to buy Black because we know for sure that these Black brands poured their hearts and souls in the process of making the products and services. We also know that safety and care are prioritised because they know our skins trigger points. 

With that being said, I’ve compiled a list of Black-owned skincare brands to stock up from.


Image credit: Afri-Berry Instagram

Relebohile Moeng launched Afri-Berry in 2011. The brand has high quality and natural-based hair care, skincare and body care products specifically made for African skin. In their skincare range, you’ll find the following products; 

  • Moroccan Gold Black Soap Skin Care
  • Moroccan Gold Argan Oil
  • Moroccan Gold SPF40 Sunscreen 
  • East African Raw Shea Butter 

Under the body care range; 

  • Cellulite- nil Jelly 
  • Scar – nil Jelly 
  • Tummy Trim-Jelly 

You can get Afri-Berry products at Pick n’ Pay nationwide, Zando and Faithful To Nature.

Corium Skincare

Image credit: Corium Skin Care Instagram

Vuyi Zondi is the founder of Corium Skincare (pronounced Ko-Ree-Yum). She started the brand to give us our “true” skins. Every ingredient in their products is derived from nature, and as far as possible, in its most unrefined and natural state. Corium Skincare range has these products;

  • African Black Soap
  • Facial Serums
  • Facial Masks 
  • Body Butters
  • Body Scrubs
  • Luxe Pure Oils
  • Luxe Cleansing Bars

You can buy Corium Skincare products directly from the Corium Skincare website, Clicks, Zando and Faithful To Nature. 


Image credit: Ndanaka Instagram

The brainchild of Carol Nyanzika, Ndanaka, which is a Shona expression for  “I’m good” and “I’m beautiful: depending on the context. It’s a Zimbabwean based skincare brand with skincare products that are specifically made to rejuvenate and promote glowing skin. In their range, you’ll find these following products;

  • Honey and Camwood face wash.
  • Rehydrating rose toner.
  • Detox clay mask.
  • Radiance face oil.
  • Lemongrass body butter. 

The brand also has two hair products available. You can buy the above skincare products in SA via BeautyonTApp

Portia M 

Portia Mngomezulu established her skincare solutions brand Portia M in 2011 specifically formulated for stretch marks, uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin and acne-prone skin. The brand has a wide range of skincare products for the entire family. In their facial Marula range, there’s these following products; 

  • Marula face wash.
  • Marula day cream. 
  • Marula night cream.
  • Marula toner.
  • Marula serum.

In this Marula range, you’ll find a combo of these products packaged according to skin types; oily skin and normal skin type. You also get day care sets and night care sets. In the pomegranate range there’s also an anti-ageing face cream, body lotion and body butter. 

Uso Skin Care 

Image credit: Uso Instagram

As a medical doctor, Dr. Theo Mothoa-Frendo realised that our skin care routines are highly dominated by western brands developed for lighter skin tones. So, she founded the first African dermal science skincare brand, Uso Skin Care to tackle skin care problems specific to African. Uso is derived from “Ubuso”, which means face in isiZulu, isiXhosa and kiSwahili. Her products are as follows; 

  • Hydro-active cleanser.
  • Cellular-active essence. 
  • Targeted uneven skin tone RX.
  • Active anti-ageing serum moisturiser.
  • Active day cream with SPF30.
  • Active all day mist.

You’ll find Uso products directly on the Uso website or via BeautyonTApp.

After you’ve stocked up on these skincare products, you can move on to your mane and switch to these hair products owned by Black brands.