Clicks gets us and the #ClicksCurls event is proof of that


“Gather around my natural sisters, this is your time and your turn to do something for yourself,” I heard a soft yet commanding radio voice of Samantha from Dear White People series say, when I saw the Clicks Curls event poster.

This warmed my heart, snatched my “work mode”concentration cells and the event unfolded in my head and I knew I had to be there.

“Tickets are sold out,” my best friend said in despair. “This is witchcraft at its highest level,” I said to her because what other explanation is there? In just a few hours the tickets were gone.

But somehow this made me realise how significant the event is to women on this rapidly growing natural hair movement.

Many women are hungry for information on how to do it right and some just needing support and encouragement.

“You are doing good sis.” These words may look oddly ordinary but the power they hold to someone who needs them can only be felt.

When I started with my journey, I researched and found a plethora of blogs and vlogs on natural hair but it was a lot of information that left me overwhelmed and confused.

When I learnt to narrow it down to information relevant to my hair type, the next challenge was finding the products. I had to buy things online until Clicks started selling natural hair products. Clicks came through yáll.

Needless to say, the day came and boy was it beautiful. Listen, Clicks gets us, is here for us and cares for us.

The event was hosted by actress and entrepreneur Amanda Du-Pont and funnyman Siv Ngesi.

Clicks assembled several experts to come and speak to us at the Spier Wine Estate in Stellenbosch on hair education, including international heavy weights such as Aunty Jacky’s, Cantu, Shea Moisture and more. Providing information on transitioning, methods, strategies and the right products to use on our very diverse hair types.

There were educational talks accompanied by live demos and testimonials from the models who had the privilege of having their hair worked on by the experts.

CEO & Founder of Afrobotanics, Ntombenhle Khatwane kick-started the day with a focus on styling and length.

New York-based Aunty Jacky’s Curls and Coils Pro-stylist, Contina Hopsons lead the talk on styling curls and coils. Contina hails apple cider vinegar as the business for removing build up when co-washing.

She then talked about the importance of moisture for the coarsier hair. Saying it’s vital to know your porosity levels and taking time to understand your texture as well as “eating right and getting enough rest is important in healthy hair.”

Certified Technologist Assistant Director of Marketing at Aunty Jacky’s, Crystal Styles touched on the science of hair.

Traction Alopecia is real guys and Crystal said it’s of utmost importance to ensure that we don’t allow ourselves to experience this.

“The tighter the protective styling the better” According to Alicia, this is a myth. You need to ensure that your hair strands are not strained when doing a protective styling. If the styling is too tight the hair is like “okay, I’m out.”

She also mentioned a brushing error that puts our hair in danger of breakage, combing from roots to ends. “The right way is to comb from ends to roots.”

You need to be aware of the type of brush you use as well as the pressure you put in whilst brushing, gentleness is key.

We were all wondering who Aunty Jacky’s is right? Crystal said Aunty Jacky’s is the woman in your life who always took care of your hair when growing up. It’s a relatable name and that’s why it works.

Celebrity stylist and Shea Moisture brand ambassador, Diane Bailey talked about embracing your natural beauty through self-care and on protective styling.

Diane said there is no such thing as good or bad hair.  “There’s no hair that cannot be managed with the right products. You’ve got to feed the roots in order for the flower to blossom.”

Founder of Flawless salons in Atlanta and Global Educational Corporate Trainer from Design Essentials, Alicia Bailey explained the A, B, C’s of texture maintenance and the five steps to natural healthy hair.

  • Cleanse.
  • Conditioning.
  • Leave-in.
  • Styling.
  • Finish.

She showed us how to create curls using aluminium foil for those of us that are on a budget. You simply flat roll it and curl it around your strand as you would a rod and you’re good to go.

Alicia said to have the curls come out right, you have to wait for your hair to completely dry before removing the foil. She also stressed the importance of using a satin bonnet or scarf to bed because cotton will dry out your hair.

Head of Education Dark n’Lovely and LÓreal representative, Mimmi Bigger spoke on the use of the new Elvive Curl Nourishment range. She was accompanied by LÓreal Brand Ambassador, Nomzamo Mbatha who took us through her journey from where it all began.

Turns out she struggled with the same things we all struggle with, from confidence with wearing her hair natural, to shedding, shrinkage and more.

Nomzamo emphasised patience and knowledge, saying it is the only way to get through the said challenges.

Mimmi talked about anti-oxidants in the products. Anti-oxidants are substances that inhibit oxidisation, which is the loss of oxygen when two molecules interact.

“Anti-oxidants stop your hair from degenerating.”

Earlier this year, Dark and Lovely launched an academy to train hair stylists and get them qualified to manage and run reputable salon services.

If you’ve been to a salon as a naturalista, I’m sure you can understand how serious the need for this academy is. I have the most horrific experiences with salons, who have zero knowledge on how to deal with my hair. I am either told to relax it to make it more manageable for them when they style me or they beg me to use heat. Both things I refuse to do.

Cantu Beauty Africa Consultant Educator, Tumelo Mpholo demonstrated how the Cantu products works on natural hair and how the new refresh collection can be used for styling any hair texture.

It was an eventful affair and all the brands came through with a lot of free samples. What was beautiful about this was that you actually chose which product you wanted to try out based on the information provided by each brand representatives that were heading the stalls.

For those who reside in other provinces asking when this event is coming your way, pretty sure clicks is working on this. We’ll keep you posted.