A little nudge may be all we need to step up

Rouge reacted to the piece I wrote about her here. Although it was simply a ‘like’, it was the inspirational nudge I needed to get off my slumber and remember my responsibilities.

Since the first day of the year hit, I’ve been inconsistently and disconnectedly experiencing an inner debate on whether to do the whole “Happy New Year” write up and go through resolutions and such, a ritual we all have been conditioned to follow to the T.

I personally do not participate in many human rituals, especially those that have no basis and poke-able loopholes on display or those questionable ones from the western culture (hello Halloween). As time is a non-existent factor, made up by us humans to create a sense of direction for our lives, celebrating the beginning of a new year seems a little bizarre to me (as many other things tbh).

However, I understand why it’s done. Like technology, it makes things easy for us. Well, for the most part. You know, everything has its pros & cons but it is the circumstances that dictate which of these outweigh the other and people draw decisions based on that.

Creating this platform has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever allowed myself to make. It’s been truly rewarding (not in a monetary value) but I love what I do, I love what this space stands for, and everything it is yet to achieve.

I mean, I get to talk to and about young business people killin’ it, entertainers, authors and creatives at large — doing the absolute most.

I also enjoy how effective this process has been for me in all aspects of my life, the learning, unlearning and relearning. This is an especially important thing to do to seek out (and reach) personal and professional growth.

Reflecting is just as important for each of our progress. I take the time to look at my life, goals, ambitions and dreams. I try and identify what’s working, what’s not and what’s missing. From thereon I tirelessly work on eliminating and adding what’s needed. I also devote a focus on the who and the where parts of this mathematical equation. I know that I have to do everything in my power to establish an all rounded equilibrium.

But I also know that “Rihanna wasn’t built in one day.” Or Lupita Nyong’o or Naomi Campbell or Yemi Alade or Tony Gum or Aisha Ayensu (you get where I’m going with this, right?)

So, I’m imperfectly learning to be patient with myself but all the while pushing myself. It is the passion about my people and about our stories, that makes it pivotal for me to ensure that it’s all told in our own voices — that way it’s true, distortion-free, authentic and raw. And maybe very bias (I mean look at this article) but in Issa Rae’s words “Ï’m rooting for everybody black.”

The support from all of you who read, share and continue to communicate about this space is beautiful. I’m wholeheartedly and thoroughly grateful to you all.

Here’s to many more of these!

Simamkele Matuntuta