What I learnt from my first time waxing experience

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A couple of weeks ago, I was en route to the salon to remove my long nails (another first), when I just up and decided to add waxing.

I am an incredibly obsessive person. I also overthink everything under the sun. But this year, I challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone and just really try and dare to do things I don’t usually do, even small things.

A friend of mine has been going on about waxing appointments and the only time I ever waxed, I was a test subject for a friend who was studying cosmetology at the time. I can’t even remember what that experience was like.

So, there I was at the salon, telling these professionals that I am here to soak off, do a manicure and do an underarm and Hollywood wax like I knew what I was talking about.

Laugh with me.

Because a girl had inches of hair down there, I hadn’t really got around to shaving, don’t judge. My consultant, Maya, bless her soul, came in my treatment room, told me to undress and get ready.

She came back and asked if I was ready. I said I was. I learnt during the process that I really wasn’t. I explained to her that this was my first-time waxing. She said all the right things until she started working in the waxing product in my bikini area, and when she peeled off that section, I swear I was ready to die.

She tried to distract me with small talk and jokes but the pain I felt made me wail even if only internally, because “strong black girl.” This went on forever. At least, it felt like it. She proclaimed that she was really proud of me for not screaming, unlike her other first-time clients.

But what Maya didn’t know was that I was already dead inside, so her complement didn’t have any effect on me.

When we were done, centuries later. I vowed to never let the hair grow that long again, ever. She also told me there’s no getting used to the pain. But what is a little pain when you have a fresh looking and smooth coochie?

However, the experience reminded me exactly why I always do research before I embark on a new adventure. I don’t regret anything, because I am now equipped with a wealth of information and a bit of experience. Bonus is, I got to bid goodbye to ingrown pubic hairs.

But I would advise that you be prepared as much as you possibly can, not everyone is a Winter Soldier (Marvel geek, yip I am, it’s so annoying.)

You also need to be an experienced gymnast or yogi and comfortable enough to pull your legs in all angles with all your lady bits exposed. Not only that but also that your consultant will touch that area as they wax out the hair.

Here are few things you can do to prepare:


The last thing you want is to feel like someone is literally peeling your entire cooch off or whatever area you’re waxing. Therefore, it’s advisable that you go for a wax when your hair is about a quarter of an inch long, but who the hell measures their hair right? So, the idea here is just to not let it grow out. I can’t really say how many weeks you should wait because each person’s body is different, and hair grows at a different rate but do have a look out in about four- six weeks.


The experts say this is an important step to take. Exfoliate. The purpose of this is to remove dead skin and debris. But be careful to use gentle scrubs, I’d personally suggests home-made scrubs such as salt crystals, oat and sugar scrubs. Store bought scrubs might have hard chemicals. But if you’re waxing in the bikini zone, just take a warm bath to calm the skin the night before.

Avoid, avoid and avoid

Again, experts say it’s important that you avoid exercise, caffeine and alcohol about two days before your scheduled appointment. This is because these good-for-your-health-factors induce circulation of the blood, which in turn makes the waxing process much more painful. They also advise against taking anything with aspirin as it does the same job as it also induces blood flow.

Pain control

The pain is unfortunately a package deal with waxing. If you feel like you need help, it’s advised that you take an Advil 45 minutes before your appointment. But I am not a doctor, I would in this case advise that you speak to your doctor with regards to what pain medication is suitable for you.

Waxing products

Skin sensitivity differs in levels and you absolutely have to talk to your aesthetician about your skin irritations and allergies. That way they can assess and use products suitable for your skin type.

Get your wax on

I kind of feel like I always wanted to say that, or write it out, because Missy Elliot is life. But yes, this is where you go for it, and enjoy the results. Post-waxing-care just requires that you moisturise your skin and keep it healthy till your next appointment.

Do you wax or you prefer to shave? And why? Let me know in the comments below.