Here’s why I’ve collaborated with FROPros

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the miracle that is Shea Butter, about what it does for the skin and hair.

Because I’m always looking to provide an authentic, honest and thorough contextualised content, I partnered with FROPros to get a better understanding of the benefits of the Shea Butter.

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I bumped into FROPros on the internet (because really where else?) and I spoke to the owner, Musonda Chalwe (pictured above). What it really is, is a womxn owned natural African business that aims to promote self-love through it’s products.

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And of course, thanks to the ever booming natural hair movement and holistic approach to skin care, the demand for products that allow these to take place organically is increasing.

This is where beauty brands, especially local brands that put our needs first and commercial value last come in. Shea Butter is one of the key to achieving the best results for these above-mentioned needs. And so, because of that FROPros make and sells raw Shea Butter to make the maintenance, styling and growth of natural hair an enjoyable, easier and fulfilling task.

FROPros has three primary products namely; Shea Moisture Sealant, Shea Soft and Shea Growth.

As the names state, the primary and most dominant ingredient in these products is Shea butter. This butter is sourced from West Africa and is an all natural product, produced in the Shea nuts of the karite tree. The harvesting of the butter from the nuts is a social activity carried out by women and children in the West African region.

Shea Moisture Sealant

This is raw Shea butter whipped in order to allow ease of application as Shea butter normally is extremely solid. The benefits of the Shea Moisture sealant are that it retains moisture, which is a major factor for healthy kinky hair, because this reduces hair breakage and also gives the hair a healthy thick and rich appearance.

Shea Soft

This is whipped Shea butter as well and more useful for itchy scalp and dandruff as it is infused will all natural coconut oil. The coconut oil works with the Shea butter in retaining moisture as well.

Shea Growth

This one is a whipped Shea butter product aimed at rapid hairline restoration and also hair growth in general. It is infused with extra dark Jamaican black castor oil, which is all natural and promotes the rapid growth of hair. Massaging this in the scalp or hairline allows for increased blood circulation on the scalp and therefore triggering hair growth.

I trialed the first two products and I can attest to my skin being better than before, I’m prone to break outs and the butter remedies this a lot. My hair is also softer than before.

As a distributor of this product, in the Cape Town region, I have clients who can also attest to achieving the best possible results.

I am currently testing Shea Growth because thanks to my hairstylist (me), I braided my edges too tight and ended up losing them. This is the second week with it and will update (if you guys need me to) but I am more importantly looking forward to having healthy edges again.

Believe me, I’m not saying any of this because I distribute, I vowed to be open and honest about all the products I write about, regardless of any type of benefit.

For more information on FROPros go to their Facebook page.