Luncheon escapades at Sunset Boulevard

No adventure is complete without the food right? And so, we checked out what LA had in store. I am a pain when it comes to food as I am a very picky eater. Please pardon me for this cliché, I like food that create an explosion of  flavours that completely entice my palate.

I have watched so many American movies and I’ll be the first to admit, they make their food look like a dream. And I was looking forward to that taste-bud journey.

The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker

When we left the busy street of Hollywood Boulevard for Sunset Boulevard, we had no idea where we would eat, so we window shopped for the best-looking chilling spot and the BBCM won the bet.

It looked pleasing to the eye, but in all honesty, we were searching for a shade, California heat is to that of Cape Town in February.

The BBCM has a cute patio with olive trees and beautiful marble tables.

As the name suggests, this WeHo restaurant is a hot spot for all warm and hearty meals as well as freshly baked goods. Their menu is seasonal and is filled with European- influenced cuisine and features a comprehensive wine list, handcrafted cocktails and hot beverages.

Our waiter, Uche who hails from the streets of Nigeria, was friendly and fun to chat with. We had a good conversation about our continent, the politics and fun side of it. I can’t remember when he said he moved to the US but I remember how joyful he was to be meeting people from the “Motherland”.

He was also easy on the eye too. Just throwing that in for the curious souls.

I had a scrumptious fried chicken burger with a refreshing pineapple something cocktail, I forgot what it is. All I know is, it went down pretty well.

BOA Steakhouse

We needed a place to have our last lunch in LA and we returned to Sunset Boulevard and trawled the streets for a perfect spot. We spotted the BOA Steakhouse from across the street after a beautiful short walk up from Hammond Street. We settled in and we were immediately attended to with glasses of water as we were handed the menu to make our selections.

In some restaurants, especially here in Cape Town, you can wait until you are full from the waiting , even more so if your skin is filled with melanin.

But I digress, this establishment looks very sophisticated and it’s no wonder they have a dress code rule, yip, they do. T-Shirts, shorts and beachwear are not allowed.

I know this image doesn’t do the restaurant justice but I was too busy taking it in to take proper pictures, I apologise. Again, as the name give away, steak-meals are primary. From Beef, to rib-eye and Wagyu (a Japanese organic beef). These are served on house made sauces, accompanied with a Caesar salad as a side, fries and mac & cheese options.

They also have a variety of seafood selections and sandwiches. A comprehensive wine list and home crafted cocktails.

Unfortunately for me, I already had a big breakfast meal from Montrose so my stomach could only accommodate medium fries, which I assure you were larger than a large sized portion fries from our SA restaurants. I snacked on the fries, with a blackberry smash cocktail to ease them down.

Take away from both establishments is the excellent service and the very generous portions. As a result, I don’t how much I tipped the waiters, could have been $30 or $50, I don’t really remember.

I recommend to anyone headed to WeHo and I, myself,  shall be making a return to these on my next trip to LA.