Sisi Nxumalo is building a haimpire

“I am building a hairmpire.” Sisi Nxumalo brusquely tells me. This is a woman who is heralding a high-end hair extension (weaves and wigs) company in Bryanston, Johannesburg or as I would like to call it, Johustleburg.

Her company aptly named Hair by Sisi was founded in 2015, after she and her sister had a series of horrible experiences or as she describes it “a nightmare” at the hands of salons. Something most of us can absolutely relate to.

They were convinced by many hair salons and hair sellers that they were buying real virgin human hair weaves only to find out it was a big old lie.

Sisi’s entrepreneurial stride provides a lot of women with quality hair they can be confident in and she couldn’t be prouder of her work.

“I have tested all the hair we sell, I know exactly what I hair can and cannot do, I named it after myself to give it my stamp of approval.”

I will admit how bomb her products are, my experience with her edge control has been tremendously satisfactory. And if I say this, it has to be true, I am very forthcoming with honesty. Check my IG, all the images of myself in my afro with sleeked edges will tell you a story.

She explains to me that the support of her mother and husband gives her the strength to keep focused, inspired and most of all driven.

‘’My mom is the strongest woman I know. She is really sweet but also very strict. This balance and discipline has helped me in my business as well.”

She sources products from different places around the globe, from Europe, India and parts of Asia.

Being an amateur weave and wig aficionado myself, I thought it a great idea to pick her expert brain on how to buy quality hair online, she doesn’t hesitate to tell me that it’s only safe to buy online if you know the company, or if you have physically seen the products before.


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As we already know thanks to experience, be it first hand or secondary or as seen on Facebook, everything looks amazing online but it can be really tricky to translate into real life. So, before you drop some money, feel comfortable with the quality of the product first.

And what about maintaining a good weave and wig?

’Buy good hair to begin with,” she says. “Different hair types require different maintenance routine, if you are time served or lazy, stick with straight hair. If you don’t mind spending time on your hair, the curly is also cool. If maintenance is really not for you, the simply drop off (or have us collect) your hair at Hair by Sisi and we will do the work for you.”

Team work makes the dream work, right. This is why Sisi works with the most amazing stylist.

“She is truly talented and she teaches me new things every day, just as I do her. I also have really amazing clients, some who have been with me since I started and some who I have recently met, but really the highlight for me is to see people coming back.”

Every business makes plans to grow, but for now her focus is meeting the hair needs of her clientele. “I am looking at growing the Hair by Sisi brand and partnering up with other business owners to have Hair by Sisi hair and products in various salons across South Africa.”

Sisi’s advice to women who are looking to start a business, any business, is to not simply follow a passion blindly.

“You have to be a bit smart. Start small, start off by selling or offering your services to a few clients (after hours on weekends etc, don’t disrupt your everyday operations all at once).

“Once you can see that your business has the potential to grow, then start planning an exit strategy. Give yourself a timeline/goal, so that you don’t spend all your time dreaming and postponing the start date.”

“Lastly, no man is an island, so talk to other people who have made the change, talk about your idea – don’t give away your core idea – but also don’t be scared. Honestly, completely unique ideas are so rare these days, so keeping your idea to yourself is not going to help. If you talk to people, you will get help, feedback and criticism, which depending on you, will make or break you – but we women are strong, you won’t break you will bend.”

Hair by Sisi products are an investment and they want nothing more than to give women an opportunity to invest in great hair. And the bonus is, they have tailor made payment plans suitable to everyone’s budget.