This is why Thando Dhaza is the best creative in the game

Nothing in the world brings me joy than meeting amazing people, who do amazing things and thankfully, my work allows me to do this every other day.

And it was through my work that I met, Thando Taylor Dhaza, a 27-year-old Johannesburg born and bred entrepreneur, communications creative, and radio presenter.

The phuthu connoisseur is a humble, gentle, kind, effervescent soul that exudes confidence, peace, love, and you’re able to feel her positive air through her laugh.

Her personality truly aligns with her name, unoThando for what she does, for her family and for people in general. Meeting her for the first time felt like I was catching up with an old friend.

We got along like a house on fire. Me and clichés again.

Thando Dhaza

I realised from the get-go that she is comfortable in her skin, her being, her space and in her craft. There’s absolutely nothing to stop this self- proclaimed go getter from reaching her goals, while inspiring a number of other youngsters in the process.

Although, I often tease that she never sleeps, it seems going for a slumber is one of her favourite fun things to do, in addition to spending time with family and traveling.

Having recently travelled, I had to squeeze in a question about her experiences in travel (read: as a young black woman), to which she responded by saying it was a phenomenal experience.

“I travelled to Dubai for three days and seven days in Thailand. The experience was life changing, it was a dream come true. I never thought I’d be going overseas so soon in my life, with my own money. It was a stamp to myself that I actually can do what I set my mind to.”

She tells me about her awakened desire to travel Africa extensively, and of course venturing onto other parts of the world such as UK, Singapore, Croatia, France, Belgium, Lebanon, Israel, and many more.

Her superpower, or favourite thing about herself, if you will, is the fact that she can communicate with just about anyone.

“I don’t feel intimidated by anybody,” she emphasises. And this is why she excels at what she does.

After realising that she wasn’t precisely cut out for civil engineering but rather destined for media, she enrolled at Boston Media House and majored in PR and Marketing.

That journey led her to where she is now, as her own boss of a communications firm, Ingenious Holdings (IH), where she does PR and Marketing for various clients.

“I had resigned in November 2017 [from] one of the biggest SA agencies. I then decided to register my company in January 2018.”

She admits that running Ingenious Holdings is challenging, as is running any other business, from things going wrong or not going exactly as planned, clients not paying on time, and the list goes on.

“Financial management of the business has been challenging because I live off it. So, just being able to allocate money that I actually need for my business and not just to survive has been the biggest challenge.”

But the rewards make the whole journey worth it. IH has already, in its infancy, made a big move. That being the lead PR and marketing agency for the South African International Film Festival, which took place on the 1st- 10th of March.

“[in addition to that] being exposed or given an opportunity to essentially do a bit more work in Africa.”

That passion spills over to the work she does on radio – where she is a producer and presenter for an online radio station, Caps Radio. The afternoon show, Youth In Business focuses, as the name suggests, on youth who are entrepreneurs and game changers in their respective fields.

She invites a host of these individuals to go into depth about the work that they do. Through engaging content, the show sets out to inform and inspire aspiring young entrepreneurs.

She recently joined forces with Starbucks to host a seminar, which is an extension of Youth In Business

“We want to start making a difference in other people’s lives, particularly young entrepreneurs.”

The inaugural seminar hosted at Star Bucks, The Marc in Sandton was a success and many more are on the cards every quarter.

She advises you to follow your dreams, go for what you want, and don’t be afraid to take risks.

She also encourages those who are in positions to help others to do so.

“Be willing to assist others, pave the way wherever you are.”