What I got up to in LA

As I mentioned in the previous article, I went to LA for work. I was attending Nappily Ever After premiere at the Harmony Gold Theatre and the after-party at the Roosevelt Hotel.

My duties were as simple as taking social media pictures on the red carpet, watch the movie and write a review. But anything is possible with me. I like to play around and take chances.

Initially, I was only supposed to interview Sanaa Lathan through telephone but when we arrived at the red carpet so many opportunities presented themselves and I hit the ground running, I ended up interviewing Sanaa, Gabrielle Union, Lynn Whitfield, etc. so much #blackgirlmagic.

I’ll save you the horrific part of the trip, which in a nutshell was that the PR company fucked up real bad and had my anxiety levels shoot through the roof. So instead, let’s talk about the fun parts.

So, after 25 hours of flying, with a connecting flight in Dubai, we landed in the land of Trump. Bought a sim card, ordered a cab and headed for my home for the next couple of days.


My editor, mentor and friend was stoked to hear I’ll be staying up in WeHo, he told me I’ll fall in love with it and he didn’t tell me no lies, I dived deep in love. I (and my travel companions, other SA reporters) was booked at Montrose West Hollywood Hotel in Hammond Street, West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

This upscale hotel has apparently been a second home to actors and rock stars. Looking at its proximity to Sunset Trip and Beverly Hills, there’s no reason to doubt this. It has since been newly revamped by design firm, Perkins + Will for a more intimate and sophisticated stay. It has 133 suites that are spacious and boast of contemporary and chic decor. There’s also a tennis court and a rooftop pool for the adventurous and sporty souls like myself.


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Each room is different but they all keep the same aesthetics and similar colour palette. Inside a room, you’ll find a shower/bathroom, bed, a lounge area that has a super soft and comfortable leather sofa, coffee table, chairs and a fireplace. Amenities include a mini wardrobe with ironing materials, a workstation, fully stocked kitchenette, mini bar and 50-inch HDTV. The bachelor pad feel to it will make you feel like you own it, a home away from home experience.

Also had the pleasure of enjoying chef Bryan Achay’s culinary skills, he creates on a daily for the Montrose guests.

I’ll never forget the excellent service we received at this hotel. The staff was amazing and helpful. I have found my home if ever I return to WeHo.

Exploring Hollywood

Unfortunately due to some glitches and ultimately time constraints, all the plans of the first day fell through.

After the previous day’ hurdles, I woke up early, watched the sunset and took the place in. The girls and I, showered, dolled up and got ready to hit the streets.

Our first stop was Hollywood Boulevard. We started at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, the star-studded sidewalk on both sides of Hollywood Boulevard and Vine street is much more interesting in person than it is in pictures. A quick summary about the history of this tourist attraction is, once up a time, someone thought it a good idea to celebrate recognisable icons by embedding names of these said icons within a star art and it became a thing for years to come. And so we participated in checking out the current icons and made a little noise when I saw my people, black people (in Issa Rae’s words “I’m rooting for everybody black”).

This street is filled with numerous attractions and historic landmarks, such as the Dolby Theatre, known for hosting the prestigious Academy Awards and The famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where our after-party was taking place.

I also spotted the Hard Rock Cafe, Jimmy Kimmel Live studios, and omg guys, the Scientology church? Is it church? Office? Studio, Idk but I was a little shook.

Time did move pretty fast and we headed to Sephora and lost my breath of seeing Fenty Beauty, if you don’t already know, I’m a solid Navy, I love Robyn Fenty to the moon and back. So yes, it was an emotional situation witnessing the portion of her business displayed at Sephora. A black girl from Barbados, it’s hella inspiring hashtag representation matters. In-between many other stores, we spotted Victoria Secrets adjacent to Sephora.

From there, we Ubered in a Lexus, a Lexus guys to Sunset Boulevard for lunch. Uber car options there are wild, for Uber black you can expect an Audi A6 and Audi Q7, for Luxury Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, and Jaguar XJ.

More about my food experiences here.

From our long and much needed luncheon, we arrived back at Montrose to prepare for the premiere and later, the after party. We showered and dolled up and headed out.

The outfits I wore for both events are detailed here.